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SAR Incident 60 Nautical Miles South of Lampedusa Island
11 October 2013

The AFM's Rescue Coordination Centre has assumed coordination of a major Search and Rescue incident 60 nautical miles south of Lampedusa Island.
The said boat was being following by the Rescue centre and located by AFM aircraft at 1600hrs.
Reports were that the craft, although underway towards Lampedusa, appeared unstable. A few minutes later, the aircraft reported that the boat had capsized and that numerous persons were in the water. Initial assistance was provided by the aircraft which dropped a life- raft in close proximity of the persons in distress.
AFM Patrol Boat P61 was first to arrive on scene at around 1751hrs and immediately initiated SAR activities. It was joined shortly afterwards by the Italian patrol vessel ITS Libra. SAR activities are continuing at this time and further updates will be provided when available.



SAR operations in the location of a capsized migrant boat are continuing some 60NM south of Lampedusa.

Currently on scene are the AFM Offshore Patrol Vessel P61, the Italian Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel ITS Libra and a number of helicopters from Malta and Lampedusa.

It is confirmed that the ITS Libra has recovered at 56 survivors including 39 males, 8 females and 9 infants/children. P61 has recovered 147 persons including 109 males, 19 females and 15 children. At least 4 deceased persons have also been recovered. A significant number of the survivors were rescued from a life raft deployed by an AFM B200 aircraft immediately after the capsize of the craft. The more critical cases aboard P61 are currently being evacuated by helicopter to medical facilities in Lampedusa.

The below is the latest update issued by the AFM. For future updates please follow the AFM Facebook Page on https://www.facebook.com/ArmedForcesOfMaltaafm

At 1. 20 pm the Armed Forces of Malta Offshore Patrol Vessel P51 discovered the corpse of a three year old boy whilst conducting a search in yesterday's area of operations. The body was found 118 nautical miles from the Maltese coast and 55.5 nautical miles off Lampedusa. ??More information will follow.

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