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26 September 2015
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Final Voyage
Final Voyage
16 September 2015
The Maritime Squadron’...
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Help on how to Navigate our site

Site Navigation


The AFM Website has various navigations features which are designed to help you browse effectively.

TOP Main Menu Bar

You can just click on your prefared subject to enter into the selected area

Breadcrumb Navigation

The breadcrumb navigation is located under the primary navigation.  The breadcrumb navigation tracks the path you follow as you navigate our site. With just one click you can quickly navigate to any point or level on that path.

Left Navigation

The contextual navigation is found on the left side of almost all pages. It serves two purposes;

  • to illustrate where the page is located, in context with other pages,
  • to operate as a navigational menu.

To access a page, simply click on its name.

Once you have selected the relevant heading from the left hand navigation, it will automatically be pulled out of the list of services and taken to the top of the navigation.  

The heading above your selection is known as the parent page i.e. the main service area.

Below the parent page is the page you are on, in bold, followed by a drop down to the next level (if there is one available) displaying all the relevant options below (known as child pages and denoted by a dash), which can also have further options below them.  

Below the child pages you will have a selection of further options relating to the main service area known as siblings. For example within Help Page (the parent page) you will find Site Navigation (the page you are on) which will open up to display around 2 further options relating to it (the child pages) and below these are all the other service areas (the sibling pages).

Pages within the navigation are arranged in the most useful order (the most useful being at the top). Where the order of usefulness is not obvious, or the list of pages is becoming too long, they will be listed in alphabetical order.

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